Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saving lives this weekend

Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a long time, but I have some BIG NEWS! I am apart of a new Facebook application called Pet Pardons. It's an application you add that lets you keep up with animals in high-kill shelters that need to be adopted or fostered out. It even lists how many days left they have to live. At first, I thought I was going to have to delete this application because it tore my heart to pieces to see all the lives lost. Then, I started getting angry- specifically at a shelter in NC near Charlotte. This particular shelter uses the gas chamber to euthanize their animals. It also gets a TON of animals every day. Because of the overcrowding, this shelter is forced to put puppies, kittens, dogs and cats of all sizes, goats, etc. to sleep EVERYDAY.

Last week I looked at this shelter's list of animals, and there I saw 6 little kittens that were 6 weeks old. They were not yet old enough to be adopted out, so they were going to euthanize them the next day. I couldn't take it, so I called every rescue/puller in NC that I could get my hands on. Finally, the shelter found a puller and they asked me if I wanted them. I said yes, not thinking that I would have to drive 7 hours from Alabama to get them!!! Then, they said that they had a mother and her babies that were 2 days old. They were also planning on euthanizing them that day. They asked me if I could take them, I asked them if I could think about it. They told me I had to let them know ASAP and it might be too late if I wait. I called them back in about 20 minutes and told them YES! I'll DO IT! So, that means that I will be driving 7 hours to pick up 11 cats. I also want to mention I have 5 dogs of my own, including one in a wheelchair, and a cat who really doesn't like other cats. Oh well, I will figure it out!

So, Saturday morning at 9 AM I drove to meet the babies I had rescued. I was sooo excited but nervous at the same time. Can I handle 11 cats? Can I take care of babies? All those thoughts were running through my head, until I saw them.

The lady who pulled them opened up her car, and there they were- all staring at me wide-eyed and unsure of what was happening. I cried my eyes out, because it really hit me. I had just saved 11 lives.

Now I sit here, and see them run and play- you can tell they are happy to finally have a home and be out of the shelter. They all sleep and cuddle together. The mama and her babies are so quiet and happy. The mama cat is constantly purring, I think she finally knows she and her babies are safe.

All the babies are back in Alabama with me, except 2 that a lovely foster parent in Atlanta decided to take. If any of my friends are interested in one of my miracle kittens, please do not hesitate to ask. I will only be adopting out to THE BEST though, because these kittens are worth it and deserve the best lives possible.

Now for the cuteness:

Two of the four babies that were to be put to sleep, only 4 days old

Mama cat, she is beautiful

Brother and sister, these two are cuddle-bugs and are probably my fav <3 they are so sweet

This little guy is a HAM!! He loves to play and is probably the fluffiest little guy I've ever seen

This sweet little girl is also up for adoption in 2 weeks. She is the sister of the one above, VERY spunky and loves to be held :)

And I ask, how can anyone put these babies to sleep? Now that I sit here and cuddle with them, watch them play, I can't even imagine it. It happens in shelters all over the US. Please make sure you spay and neuter your pets. Remember that a pet is a LIFETIME commitment, not just a whim decision.

Email if you are interested in adopting one of my miracle cats. Only responsible adopters need apply

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  1. You are just an AMAZING woman and a true ANGEL for doing this! I can never thank you enough! We need more people like you in this world! THANK YOU! <3