Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saving lives this weekend

Hi everyone! I haven't posted in a long time, but I have some BIG NEWS! I am apart of a new Facebook application called Pet Pardons. It's an application you add that lets you keep up with animals in high-kill shelters that need to be adopted or fostered out. It even lists how many days left they have to live. At first, I thought I was going to have to delete this application because it tore my heart to pieces to see all the lives lost. Then, I started getting angry- specifically at a shelter in NC near Charlotte. This particular shelter uses the gas chamber to euthanize their animals. It also gets a TON of animals every day. Because of the overcrowding, this shelter is forced to put puppies, kittens, dogs and cats of all sizes, goats, etc. to sleep EVERYDAY.

Last week I looked at this shelter's list of animals, and there I saw 6 little kittens that were 6 weeks old. They were not yet old enough to be adopted out, so they were going to euthanize them the next day. I couldn't take it, so I called every rescue/puller in NC that I could get my hands on. Finally, the shelter found a puller and they asked me if I wanted them. I said yes, not thinking that I would have to drive 7 hours from Alabama to get them!!! Then, they said that they had a mother and her babies that were 2 days old. They were also planning on euthanizing them that day. They asked me if I could take them, I asked them if I could think about it. They told me I had to let them know ASAP and it might be too late if I wait. I called them back in about 20 minutes and told them YES! I'll DO IT! So, that means that I will be driving 7 hours to pick up 11 cats. I also want to mention I have 5 dogs of my own, including one in a wheelchair, and a cat who really doesn't like other cats. Oh well, I will figure it out!

So, Saturday morning at 9 AM I drove to meet the babies I had rescued. I was sooo excited but nervous at the same time. Can I handle 11 cats? Can I take care of babies? All those thoughts were running through my head, until I saw them.

The lady who pulled them opened up her car, and there they were- all staring at me wide-eyed and unsure of what was happening. I cried my eyes out, because it really hit me. I had just saved 11 lives.

Now I sit here, and see them run and play- you can tell they are happy to finally have a home and be out of the shelter. They all sleep and cuddle together. The mama and her babies are so quiet and happy. The mama cat is constantly purring, I think she finally knows she and her babies are safe.

All the babies are back in Alabama with me, except 2 that a lovely foster parent in Atlanta decided to take. If any of my friends are interested in one of my miracle kittens, please do not hesitate to ask. I will only be adopting out to THE BEST though, because these kittens are worth it and deserve the best lives possible.

Now for the cuteness:

Two of the four babies that were to be put to sleep, only 4 days old

Mama cat, she is beautiful

Brother and sister, these two are cuddle-bugs and are probably my fav <3 they are so sweet

This little guy is a HAM!! He loves to play and is probably the fluffiest little guy I've ever seen

This sweet little girl is also up for adoption in 2 weeks. She is the sister of the one above, VERY spunky and loves to be held :)

And I ask, how can anyone put these babies to sleep? Now that I sit here and cuddle with them, watch them play, I can't even imagine it. It happens in shelters all over the US. Please make sure you spay and neuter your pets. Remember that a pet is a LIFETIME commitment, not just a whim decision.

Email if you are interested in adopting one of my miracle cats. Only responsible adopters need apply

Friday, April 30, 2010

Alabama Trip

I don't want to go home! That's all I have to say. I had sooo much fun in Alabama, we even stayed an extra day because we just don't want to go back to reality. Here's a few pics from our trip:

Introducing, baby Moses!

The cutest french bulldog EVER

Molly, Moses, and Harley

Eatin smores and telling funny stories

Mike at Noccalula Falls

My seester and I

Painting pottery, I made a cool flower pot

White water rafting with my family, my sister's face in the front is AWESOME

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tampa Engagement Shoot

My best friend is getting married in December. She asked me to take her engagement pics. We went down to Ybor City this weekend and had a blast! The pics came out so great, I am so happy for her! :)

Here's a few of my favs:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Kindred Spirits Farm Sanctuary

I was able to visit the Kindred Spirits Farm Sanctuary today. I learned a lot about the animals, some of which have been rescued from slaughter, others who have been starved by careless owners, and others who were just thrown on the streets to survive. One particular goat was bought as a "gag" wedding gift and left on the street after the wedding was over because of course, the couple did not want him. How ridiculous is that??? Anyway, I got to play with some piglets and feed all the animals. They are very much happy and comfortable at this wonderful place and I am so glad I was able to visit.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere!!!

I didn't realize my dog liked bubbles until today. We had so much fun!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A day in the life of two frenchies...

I am bored at home so I whipped out the camera and started taking photos of my dogs. Harley is doing very well and doesn't use the wheelchair anymore. He still gets his legs tangled up though, but he can stand up straight for at least a few seconds before falling. Rocky's allergies are under control, no more sores although his face is a little pink. Both boys are doing very well and love to be together!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Honeymoon photos!

Mike and I had an amazing time in Napa Valley and San Francisco, def. gonna have to go there again!

Hotel in St. Augustine, FL Halloween Night!!

Mike and I won the Napa Valley Wine Train sweepstakes, worth 400 bucks! We got free tickets to dine on the wine train, plus a wine cooler and all kinds of other goodies. Here's some photos from our trip on the train!

This vineyard was behind our hotel at the Vino Bello Resort and Spa

Visiting Alcatraz in San Francisco

Mike surprised me with flowers in our hotel in San Francisco. We stayed at the Fairmont Heritage place in Ghirardelli Square. It was such a beautiful hotel!!

Driving down Muir Beach

Mike and I visited Muir Woods, it was sooo cold but the trees were beautiful

Can you say...Twilight? LOL

I heard from locals this was the place to go for chinese food, in China town, downtown San Fran. We went in and they sat us at this TINY table next to 4 other people. We basically ate at their table. It was so funny, it was like being in china. They order the food for u if you've never been there. I was nervous, but it was absolutely the best food EVER!!!!

I wonder if mary kate and ashley are in?!
I kinda like that it was raining the day we went down to the bridge, makes for some spooky photos!